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Anduze Pots

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Anduze pots originated “it is said”, in 1610 during the reign of Henry IV, in the Cevennes region of France in the small town of Anduze.  An Anduze potter in Provence was captivated by the elegance of an Italian Medici vase on his travels.  This gave him inspiration to create the general shape for the ANDUZE planter.  This craftsmanship and the emergence of using terra cotta spread quickly throughout the reign of Southern France.

cevennes, France Map

During the reign of Louis X1V these pots became even more popular and are seen today throughout France and at the Palace of Versailles where nobility enjoyed their beauty as they filled them with flowering and fruit trees.  Typically in France only the noble class could afford these pots. They were used as decorative enjoyment only and served no real purpose but to feast the eye upon.

Anduze pots

If you are in France you can obtain these Anduze pots – check this website for locale http://www.poteriedanduze.com/ otherwise they are readily available at RF Antiques in Fairhope AL

Originally designed to plant orange and lemon trees, these large glazed planters were displayed in gardens and orange groves to ornate aristocratic properties such as when Marie Antoinette decorated the Orangerie and lined the formal gardens and terraces of Versailles with these shapely pots.

Unlike their hard working, olive-storing cousins the Biot, (shown below),

1-IMG_1404the anduze were strictly decorative and never had a functional purpose except to enhance the gardens and patios of the lucky owners who could afford them.  The Biot and Anduze pots are both available at RF Antiques.  We maintain a generous supply in all heights and with varying patinas to choose from.  Call us if you would like additional pictures of what we offer or browse the website for what is current.  (251) 928-8336   https://www.crownandcolony.com

These natural in color Anduze with limited glazing are available at RF Antiques


There are so many areas you can use the Anduze pots and if you have the space, no door is truly complete without anduze pots flanking either side filled with topiaries or flowers .  Here you can see how the rustic look of these pots adds just the right character to the front entrance.

Anduze pots 4

Homes in Provence exemplify the use of Anduze pots at the front door.

From Millie on Pinterest


All of these Anduze pots are available now at our architectural and garden antiques shop, RF Antiques. Glazed and natural rustic are available.


From Valancogne and Partners

Anduze pots with the caramel and green drippings are quintessential French.  The varying patinas on the anduze pots varies, but whatever color variations you choose it will bring charm and style to the area in which it is used.


  During the time of the French Revolution (1789-1799) not many of Anduze pots were produced and sold.  However, after the French Revolution,“Vases d’Anduze” gained in popularity, with only a few remaining factories that had not closed completely.  Without an abundance of artisans and factories this created rarity of this beautiful style container.

One of the reasons they are so coveted today is that there are just a limited number of the authentic and original Anduze pots made, usually with few vestiges of the dark green glaze remaining, along with a barely readable signature.

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If you have the opportunity to own one of these unique in shape and style Anduze pots you are a privileged person no doubt.  Call us if you are interested in seeing our collection.

The majority of the pictures in this blog are from our own stock, but for reference, guidance and imagery we may use other photos from pinterest or other internet sources.  These photos are for information purposes only.

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