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Christmas in France

Like the Rue Monge market area in PARIS FRANCE,

our shops are in full swing for the Christmas Holidays!  We received a new container this past week and will receive another French container in the next week or so — just in time for you to shop with us and purchase that special gift for Christmas!

Wine and champagne glasses are customary with a French Christmas Eve or Christmas Day meal — Our culinary shop, Aubergine Antiques, carries both and we have plenty in stock now.

We just received several beautiful Champagne/Wine buckets – perfect for the holidays.  They add just that little finishing touch and sparkle to show your family and guests that Christmas is a very special time of year.

Confit pots can be used as a more casual way to display your Christmas flowers including poinsettias, which are a worldwide symbol of Christmas.

All of these decorative items can be incorporated into your holiday scheme especially with your meal — just as the French do!

Le Réveillon de Noël

There are very traditional foods eaten in France during the Christmas holidays.  It begins with the Christmas Eve dinner or Le Reveillon de Noel.

 At around midnight, French families eat a special meal to celebrate the very beginning of Christmas Day.

Christmas dinners often include:-
seafood – les fruits de mer
oysters – les huîtres   
lobster – le homard
snails – les escargots
smoked salmon – le saumon fumé
caviar – le caviar
duck or goose – le canard ou l’oie
turkey – la dinde
green beans – les haricots
cheese –  le fromage     Image result for images of a french cheese board at christmas time

We carry cheese boards just like the one shown in this picture – we also carry large and small rectangular boards.  Le fromage is an important part of the French diet EVEN at Christmas a cheese board is close at hand.

For dessert there is usually a sponge and buttercream Christmas log called La bûche de Noël or Yule Log.

Image result for images of christmas in france

Onion confit tartlets are also a common sight at the Christmas meal.

Image result for images of christmas pastry in france
French sparkling wine or champagne is drunk.  NOTE:  Don’t forget we carry beautiful champagne glasses and decanters to add that French style to your Christmas celebrations!

Aubergines has a plentiful supply of napkins all in the traditional colors of Christmas.

Here are some more Christmas words:-
Le Jour de Noël – Christmas Day
La Nativité – The Nativity Scene
La crèche – the crib, the manger, or, The Nativity Scene
Marie et Joseph – Mary and Joseph
L’Enfant Jésus – The Baby Jesus

Cope (detail) Dutch Attributed to F. Stoltzenberg, Roermond Date: c. 1890-1900 Collection: Museum Catharijneconvent, Utrecht:

L’ange – the angel
L’étoile – the star
Bethléem – Bethlehem
L’ âne – the donkey
Le berger – the shepherd
Les Rois Mages – The Three Kings
Le chant de Noël – the Christmas carol
Le soulier de Noël – the Christmas stocking  (The French words actually say ‘the Christmas shoe.’)

Image result for cursive writing images of Merry Christmas

Au Revoir!  A La Prochaine!!