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DESIGN TRENDS with Antiques

2018 Top Picks to make your home ready for the year ahead!    INTERIORS

What we think  the hottest trends are right now in home furnishings!  Every now and again we need a little something to inspire us to change a room completely or just “freshen a room up”.    There is nothing more unique than the ability to change a look with a beautiful antique.  Just one key piece can transform a room.

  Look for the element of “symmetry” which creates balance and structure.  When you add symmetry with a modern piece and an antique piece the room suddenly feels modern with juxtaposition.

Rooms, especially kitchens are increasingly becoming more like living and dining rooms.  Everything is layered with an eclectic look.  Acquisition over time regarding furniture and accessories. Trend word for 2018:


Here are pieces that we feel are trending now:  Our Picks-

The Settee    

What we are reading and seeing is that Cozy is in and the casual feel that brings for a more inviting space.  The settee is a natural expression of maximalism without eating up a lot of space.  Look out for settee’s with great lines and period influenced styles.

The Architectural Element   

This is the accent for the home that currently is sought after not only for its unique nature, but a lasting trend that adds character, personality and soul to the home – the patina it has acquired over time brings warmth and richness to any area.

        The Chair 

ok, so it’s not just any chair that you need to have for 2018 – You are going to have to look beyond that strict linearity.  Strong lines are uncomfortable and people seem to be opting away from them.  Curves are the natural expression of maximalism (there’s that word again – kinda like saying, “get more bang for the buck”) for a room.  The swerving legs and curved back of this chair hugs you and brings a casual elegance to an area.  Nestle this one in a corner or cozy it up to a desk.

The Chest  

Yep, it seems that the mood for 2018 is less shiny and glamorous.  We seem to be leaning to furniture that exudes that someone actually lives in the house.  We want things that have a patina, add character and personality.  Yes, warmth is the new trend for a room.  This chest has both:  warmth and a bit of antique brass trim that gives a special feeling for everyone.

The Mirror  

Neutrals are new again, but in a different way.  Choose colors for your walls and accessories (like the colors on this trumeau) that are soothing.  The traditional colors this year are going to be amped up with dollops of grey.  Sophisticated and gentle colors of the earth are going to be showing up everywhere.

Outdoor elements

The earth tones and textures from outdoor elements like a crete jar from Greece or an Olive jar from France.  Note how the olive jar in this picture brings in texture, neutral coloring and “big” interest to the room:

The Trestle Table

This is a table that is timeless in style because of its versatility.  Not only can it be used in the dining room, but the trend now is to utilize the trestle table as an office desk or as a console behind a sofa.  Looks like this choice will be a “Win Win” for 2018!!

In the picture above the two bergeres are common sites at Crown and Colony Antiques, as is the marble top bistro table being used as a console and the stool.  In lieu of the bistro table one might opt to put the trestle table.Pair bergeres

French BergerePainted bergere

 and, last but not least, lighting   

A crystal chandelier is timeless and far from boring.  Elevate your dining space with lighting that reflects understated glamour.  This is one possession that is to never go out of style.  Dim your chandelier while eating to create that warmth and coziness embodying everything in 2018!!

Please see all of these pieces and our other merchandise for pricing and dimensions on our website https://www.crownandcolony.com and on our Instagram page:  @crownandcolonyantiques

Happy 2018