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French Glazed Bowls

French Tian Bowls are basically mixing bowls made of earthenware.  The tian style bowl is originally from Narbonne, France near Spain; however, they can now be found in many places in France such as Provence.  “Tian” is the word the French people use to describe this type bowl.  They are typically terra cotta with glazing on the inside of the bowl and lip, but none on the outside from the lip to the base.  These type bowls are wide at the mouth and become narrow at the base — some have handles & spouts.

French tian bowls

The bowls are quite utilitarian!  In addition to being general mixing bowls the French use them to wash dishes in and use them for the collection of milk to make cheese — they cook “cassoulets” in these bowls which is a rich, slow cooked casserole originating in the South of France.  The casserole is made of meat, pork skin and white beans.  A favorite dish for sure.

French tian bowl with casserole

In the United States AND in France the bowls are used quite often on the kitchen table to display beautiful flowers, lemons, limes or apples –

Tian bowls make perfect containers

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A grouping of French tian bowls

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