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Olives from Southern France

Considered the gastronomic olive par excellence, the Lucques du Languedoc olive is one of the best olives available. Easily recognized by its crescent moon shape and its bright green skin, it is a large, meaty, mellow olive. These olives are produced along part of the Mediterranean coast of southern France & in Saint Remy, a visitor can experience tours and tastings at an olive oil mill (Moulin du Calanquet) offering a chance to sample some of the world’s best pressed from olives grown in this vicinity.

What strikes me immediately about both of these areas of France is the common nature of olive trees – they grow in gardens, they grow on pavements, they grow in front of supermarkets, they grow in the middle of roundabouts. We carry potted olive trees are  at Aubergine Antiques and our antique garden shop, RF Antiques. They are dried and preserved, but look unbelievably “real”. We sell them at a wonderful price point (around $100) and they make a beautiful “French” addition to your kitchen or outside on a bistro table.

We also carry a variety of olive wood products like: jam spoons, lemon reamers, salt and pepper mills, olive skewers, and other kitchen items. Easy to care for: gently wash with soap and warm water and then nourish with olive oil. Enjoy olives from France and visit the Provence region if you have the chance. Quaint villages, less hurried and beautiful weather — a gastronomic adventure and enjoyment for the visual senses!

Au Revoir! A La Prochaine!!