Ever dream of exploring wine country in France?     

Exploring France in a different way allows you to see France as a real local.  Biking just might be something to consider! Burgundy France is one of the best areas to visit, housing some of the best wine vineyards in the world — French wine in the Burgundy area is superior!

A potential scenario of wine selections

The adventure begins upon arrival via train in Beaune, France.  Nestled inside massive fourteenth-century ramparts, this medieval town is the wine capital of Burgundy —  BEAUNE!

WINE TIP:   the wines in Burgundy are made from one grape – Pinot Noir

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If you do choose to bike through wine country you might find yourself on a leisurely ride through the vineyards and villages of of Cote De Beaune.  Here you could just possibly have your first sip of wine, which more than likely be the sparkling Cremant De Bourgogne.

WINE TIP:   visits to BEAUNE  increases in November for the annual wine auction, run by Christies.  The finest of wines are dragged from the basements and sold to the general public.

Beaune France

From there wine tastings in Meursault with Pommard, a hearty, but elegant wine to enliven the palate — the sophisticated Volnay wine and a buttery Meursault.

Excellent wines of choice…

Crémant de Bourgogne is a perfect pre-dinner drink, and in no way takes away from the fact that it is also a perfect accompaniment to food.  With the white and roses only  from this area being sparkling,  meticulously applied traditional skills from 1830 are enforced to achieve high-quality vinification.

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Pommard wine, a rich and “wild” red wine, gives aromatic hints redolent of blackberry, bilberry, or gooseberry, cherry pit and ripe plum! It is a wine deep red in colour, powerfully aromatic, solid and trustworthy.  It collaborates well with furry or feathered game, braised or roasted.   As well beefsteak, lamb or hearty stewed poultry responds well with this wine.  It is also a natural partner for cheeses that have developed flavours such as:  Époisses, Langres and Soumaintrain, or Comté.

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Volnay wine is a delicate and feminine wine of Bourgogne.  Almost like biting in to a piece of fruit this wine has aromas of cherries, violets and perhaps gooseberries.  With time and aging it may give hints of different spices and cooked prunes.  This wine does well with glazed or roasted poultry dishes, which can receive the fruit and spice aromas of the wine.

 Meursault wine has a fresh taste of toasted almonds or hazelnuts with back flavors of mayflower, lime, elder and verbena — butter, honey and citrus fruits faintly present as well. It accompanies fish, veal and poultry very as well as grilled lobster, crawfish, or king prawns in sauce. Even blue cheeses and foie gras take to it immediately.

France is famous for its generous selection of wines – whites, sparklings, reds — sweet, dry, etc.  Whether you tour France on a bike through vineyards for complete immersion in the wine culture or if you just order a glass of wine in a Paris bistro, you will not be disappointed!

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Original use for the grape basket…


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